Our Story

About Us

Thanks for visiting our shop, and for taking an interest in learning more about us. We’re a husband and wife team who, as a result of Covid-19 found ourselves unemployed. Although I (the wife part of the team) discovered quilting later in life, I knew I had finally found ‘my thing’. I quickly became part of a quilting community and found out that the parts of quilting I enjoyed most were pretty common among fellow quilters. I most enjoyed the beautiful colors (oh, the colors!), the endless pattern options, the satisfaction of seeing the quilt come together, and of course, the final result. Most did not seem to enjoy the cutting as much though--especially all the ones that had accidents with a rotary cutter!

I remember thinking how nice it would be to be able to buy a quilt kit, then just sit down and start sewing! And I also wanted a few more options. Although there are kits out there, most are ‘what you see is what you get’. It seemed that I either liked the quilt and hated the border, or liked the border, but not the pattern, or…well, you get the picture.

So, that’s what I have tried to do. Present a shopping experience for quilters who are serious about their craft, but want to get right down to business.

In addition to custom pre-cut quilt kits—just open and sew—we offer standard kits, standard and custom pre-cuts, including applique (coming soon!) and lots of geometrics.

Oh, and do you see a kit you like, but would like a different size, border options, or other modifications? Just email us at Catherine@catscuts.com and we’ll see if we can accommodate you.

Happy shopping!