Beautiful Chisels!

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I love chisels! They make beautiful and interesting star blocks so easy! This beautiful Cozy Quilt Designs quilt pattern uses chisels in two sizes to make two styles of star blocks. (The pattern name is Daystar, and is available by clicking the picture below.)


Like most patterns with chisels, this Cozy Quilt pattern uses squares sewn to rectangles and rectangles sewn to rectangles, which are then trimmed to make the chisel shapes, like this:


But there's an easier way! PRE-CUT chisel shapes are much easier to sew because:

  1. You don't have to draw any lines!
  2. The edges butt right up against your 1/4" seam guide (you do use a seam guide, right?)
  3. The dog ears are already trimmed, making the 1/4" seam much easier to accomplish, since you have a clear starting and ending point. Plus no trimming bunches of dog ears!
  4. You don't have to worry about sewing the angles in the wrong direction (I can't tell you how many of these seams I had to rip out and re-sew!)

Here's a kit that includes PRE-CUT fabric, including the chisels. Just open and start sewing! (Click on the picture to link to kit--available in several color ways!)

Framed Stars Pre-Cut Quilt Kit


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