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Cheater fabric is so fun! It's like cheating, but no one (except you) knows! Here's an example of cheater fabric--it's printed to look like pieced quilt blocks. This one is cut 12" x 12".

You can make an entire quilt out of cheater fabric, using the "lines" between the "blocks" to quilt on your standard sewing machine (or longarm)--another way to cheat! Perfect for when you need to whip up a baby quilt super fast! This is just a 36" x 36" piece of fabric with borders added. Quilt it up, add binding, and you're ready to go!

Or, you can use as blocks with other fabric and/or blocks. Either way, it's a great shortcut to quilt making.

Sleep Tight Quilt Kit

Finally, many fabric designers make panels for quilting. This is a panel quilt made with one center panel, printed to look like a complex pieced quilt top, with borders added.

Sleep Tight Panel Quilt Kit

This panel quilt kit, available in two colorways, is available here: This kit includes the center panel, along with all of the borders and binding--precision machine cut!

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