Wide Quilt Backing Fabrics Are Finally Coming!

Posted by Catherine McClendon on

For some time, several of the major quilting fabric companies have had problems getting wide quilt backing fabrics into their warehouses. There have either been manufacturing issues (COVID-based), or port-of-entry issues.

We received some good news yesterday! Riley Blake Designs, one of our major suppliers for quilt backing fabrics has been notified that their shipment of MANY different quilt backing fabrics will be arriving by Friday, November 18. Because of the delay for so many different fabric collections, they are making shipping these out to quilt shops a priority.

This means if you have been patiently (thank you!) waiting, the wait is nearly over. I'm sure they will have a LOT of orders to fulfill, but I know the folks at Riley Blake will give it their all to get these pushed out the door.

Many of the quilt backing fabrics are from various Lori Holt collections, including the new Bee Plaids and Prairie lines, as well as favorites like Bee Basics. These should all be in stock soon (Yippee!)

For those of you who are new to the quilting world, wide quilt backing fabric is typically 106" to 108" wide. This means they are wide enough to serve as the backing for a quilt without having to piece the more narrow 42"-44" fabric together.


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